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Types of Heat Pump Systems

Here at Synergy we provide a range of different systems depending on your property’s individual needs, each harnessing heat energy from different sources:

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps - from surface soil or bedrock via a borehole
  • Water Source Heat Pumps - from a source of surface water or aquifer
  • Air Source Heat Pumps - from the outside air
  • Exhaust Air Heat Pumps - from ventilation air

Each of these sources capture solar energy throughout the day that can then be converted into a renewable resource, heat, providing an environmentally friendly way of heating your property.

Heat pumps intelligently heat your property, replacing conventional oil and gas boilers, which are typically about 80-90% efficient and all-electric system, heat pumps generally deliver an annual efficiency of between 250-400% in heating and hot water.

Government grants are available that can cover a large portion of the costs associated with heat pump systems, please contact us for more details as we can help with grant applications and for more information look at these government sites: