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SolarImmersion hot water

It is best to use the electricity you produce from your solar PV array in your home, since that means you don’t need to buy it at 15p from the electricity company. Selling the electricity back to the grid means you are eligible for the export tariff which is only 5p/kWh.

One way to do this is with a solar diverter. These send excess energy that isn’t being used by your appliances to your immersion heater instead, helping to heat your water. Even if you divert your unused power to heat your water, you will still receive the Government backed export tariff.

These clever little gadgets prevent electricity produced from your solar panels from being exported back to the grid by diverting the electricity to the immersion instead.

Why send excess electricity to your immersion?

The reason for doing this is that under the Feed-in tariff, very few people have an export meter fitted as part of their solar installation – instead the Government assume you are exporting 50% of what is generated and pay you this accordingly. Therefore if you can use all the electricity that you produce in your home instead of exporting it then not only do you still benefit from the maximum feed-in tariff payments available you also benefit from the maximum energy savings.

On the whole these solar power diverters (also known as solar PV optimisers) divert the electricity to the immersion. They monitor the electricity being consumed in the home and the electricity being produced by the solar panels – as soon as there is a surplus being produced they divert this to the immersion unit – without the power diverter in place, this electricity would normally be exported back to the grid.

At an average cost of £650 + Vat this is the most cost effective way of maximising the benefits of your solar PV array.