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Synergy Energy Solar PV – Service Contract

From our years of experience of solar we recommend a minimum annual inspection of your array to ensure that you are receiving the highest return on your investment possible and compliant with the recommended electrical regime of your system.

Solar Panel Maintenance

The solar panel system has two main components; the roof mounting and panels, and the inverter(s). The solar panels and roof mounting are exposed to the elements of the UK climate with wind exerting pressure on the mechanical integrity of the PV system, and the rain impacting both the panel’s electrical string connections and the roof seals under the mounting system.

The inverters are the working part of the solar PV system, receiving and converting the sunlight energy into useable AC electricity and thus part of your electrical compliance regime. The safe and effective working of the entire solar PV system determines the electricity generated and the return received on your solar PV investment.

Our preventative solar panel maintenance plan is designed to help you achieve and maximise your solar PV investment return, and to help with your risk management as part of your annual electrical compliance regime. Like the MOT of your vehicles, we recommend annual solar panel maintenance for all PV systems.

Sophisticated solar panel monitoring is now available and can automatically prompt any potential generation issues straight away to allow immediate rectification from a maintenance engineer before they become bigger, more expensive problems. For more information about maximising the your return on investment visit our Upgrades Page.

Solar panel service and repair

Without a preventative maintenance plan in place you run the risk of a potential breakdown, requiring the need for an urgent solar panel service or repair to identify the issue and bring your system back online safely. This reactive approach can be expensive and also leave your home without PV generation whilst waiting for our team to arrive onsite to diagnose/repair the problem. If systems are not regularly monitored intermittent faults can go un noticed for large periods of time, leading to significant loses in returns.

When your system is offline or not able to operate to its maximum potential due to a fault, this downtime is impacting on your system’s return on investment. If a fault is anticipated, we advise that you don’t diagnose the fault yourself for health and safety reasons. Always contact your solar PV installer or Service/Maintenance provider first for advice.

We are available to provide a reactive solar panel service and repair, however, we always recommend a preventative maintenance plan as highlighted above.

We have a tiered system for maintenance:

Silver Package Annual maintenance visit

This option allows you to request a one-off non-contract maintenance visit where one of our qualified electrical technicians will perform a visual initial inspection of your system and re-test electrical components and consumables*. Also included is a review of the data collected by the inverter and any fault codes identified. A shading analysis is conducted before a detailed report of findings is delivered to you with any recommendations for remedial or maintenance work, which we can carry out at additional cost.

One off visit to inspect the system, all additional costs including but not restricted to labour and materials to be charged at agreed rates. Minimum £145 + Vat, distance over 40 miles from our depot will incur additional travel costs £45 an hour. No contract

Panel cleaning £95.00 + Vat in addition.

* Components and consumables that are immediately accessible will be tested.

Gold Package Maintenance & Repair

This option allows you to benefit from our annual maintenance visit and service of your solar PV system (minimum 24 month contract term). Our ongoing annual service of your system will highlight any future generation issues and help prevent your system going offline. Any remedial or maintenance work can then be arranged at additional cost.  

With an extensive number of solar PV installations across the UK and given the variance of local weather, to really understand your system’s performance, we also benchmark against the performance of our other solar PV installations in your local area. From your FiT submissions we will also provide a quarterly generation report for your records which compares actual to expected performance.

All repairs and maintenance included for repairs to products still under manufacturer’s warranty. Minimum 24 month service plan. £185 + Vat per year (£18.50 a month for 10 months x2, total £370 over 24 months). System breakdown call out and electrical testing included. 

Platinum Package Operation, Maintenance and Repair

The full Operation, Maintenance & Repair option (minimum 60 month contract term) gives you all the benefits of Gold Package plus peace of mind that you have priority response for an agreed number of remedial repair visits and up to £200 +VAT towards consumable costs per year. 

Furthermore, our 7 point solar array system check includes:

Professional solar panel clean where required, with precautionary measures to protect our operatives from electric shock. Check the roof fixings are still in good order. Check the framework of the solar panels for signs of damage, warping or corrosion. Check the inverter for error codes and review system inverter history to confirm smooth day to day operation where possible, synchronise the inverter readings with the output meter to check the system is fully functional Inspection of the integrity of the glass of the solar panel. Check for signs of damage from birds or vermin. AC-DC electrical tests and certification to current regulations BS7671 to ensure the system is working in-line with the manufactures specified data

All repairs and maintenance, including repairs to products outside of manufacturers warranty, to include inverter*. Minimum 60 month plan. £395 + Vat per year (£39.50 a month for 10 months x 5, total £1975).  

*Inverters commissioned 7 years before the start of the contract cover period 36 months.  

When you consider that a service and a wash with one call out per year will cost £235, the fixed rate contracts are great value for money!

We will also make recommendations on how to upgrade you solar PV array to maximise the use of new technologies.

Cleaning solar panels

We are often asked about cleaning solar panels as they can accumulate dirt over time which can reduce the efficiency of sunlight capture and ultimately reduce the amount of electricity generated by your system. In most cases, the self-cleaning properties of the panels and the angle of installation is sufficient enough for the regular rainfall in the UK to remove any build up of dirt. Our experience is that this tends to make a solar panel clean uneconomical for the cost.

Where soiling is significant, perhaps due to regular bird fouling, we can arrange cleaning solar panels for your array visit which is normally carried out with non-scratch brushes attached to poles with a constant supply of water and cleaning agent.